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Thread: 40 Mile Caribou Hunt

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    Default 40 Mile Caribou Hunt

    Well the day did not start like I wanted it to. I got a late start opening moring and was not able to leave for my hunt till around 8:00am instead of the 5:00am departure I had wanted to do. So I got on the road at 8:00 am heading up the Steese to the Happy Caribou Hunting Grounds. When I arrive around 10:30 am there was a few truck around but not as many as I expected which made me very happy. I unloaded the ATV and headed up the trail towards the top of the hills to start my hunting trip. On the way up I passed several hunters who had taken nice Bulls and were heading home. I road around for a while stoping to glass and look for signs of caribou to find a good place to start my hunt. While I was riding around I spotted a strange look tree about 20 yards off the trail. I stoped and stood on the top of my ATV to get a better look and found a really nice big bodied 40 inch bull moose looking back at me. Through out my ride around I saw 6 or so caribou but all where cows. Around 11:30am I looked at the sky and it was getting dark and rain cloud were starting to build. I decided to make a quick trip back to the truck to pick up my heavy rain jacket just in case it got really bad. As I was riding back down the trail I spotted a dark object about 1/2 mile away. I took a quick look and saw it was a caribou so I made my way down the trail until I was about 150 yards out. There was some low terrain between the caribou and I so I took advantage of it and closed the distance to 100 yards. I still did not like the shot so I decide to try to get closer so I could also get a better look and the caribou. So the slow low crawl started through the tundra. I keep going until I got into a good position where I had a good view of the caribou and took one last look and made sure it was a bull. The caribou was feeding and working towards me and did not offer a good shot. So I laided there in the tundra with my rifle ready to fire. The Caribou still had not idea that I was there and was just feeding and moving slowly towards me. At about 50 yards the Bull turn towards me and offered a good shot. I took the safety off and lined up the bull in my cross hairs and let the bullet take off down range. The bull wipped around and took out of there at a fast rate of speed and over the hill where I could not see him anymore. I stand up and all kinds of thougths are running through my head. Did I miss? So I start heading arcoss the tunra towards where the bull ran out of my sight hoping to find a blood trail. As I crust of the hill I scan the valley below look for my caribou and I do not see one. I stand there for a monent and out of the coner of my left eye I spot something that looks out of place. I turned my head that way and see my caribou down. I let out a quick yahoo and go make sure the aminal is dead. After verifying the deed is done I mark my tag and make the long walk across the tundra to get my ATV and field dressing tools. Just after I snap the picture below I look down in the valley and 7 more caribou came running up out of the trees. They hung out around me for the next hour making me very nervous and I watch hunter up the the trail trying to put an stocks on them. I finished field dressing my caribou and was back home for dinner that night. Was a great trip and the weather was awesome. Oh and by the way it never did rain. Caribou 2011.jpg

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    Nicely done! Soup's in the pot!

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    way to go, nice bou

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    Nice job. Thanks for sharing.


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