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Thread: Talachulitna/lake creek float

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    Default Talachulitna/lake creek float

    Heeaded to the tal this weekend. Sportsman's air is dropping us at the mid point. Anyone know what the water level is like right now or how the silvers are doing up there? We are taking dour days to float down. This will be my second time on the river. Thought about pushing farther to Lake Creek but I'm not sure if the fishing will be better or if I can float the whole thing in four days. Anyone ever taken out at Quiet Lake? Appreciate any help or advice.

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    I don't know if the fishing would be better at Lake Creek or not, but you can easily float it (Chelatna lake to Yentna) in 4 days.

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    that's a lot of money to put in at mid tal... I've heard of folks rowing Lake Creek in about 16 hours of travel time. personally I'd rather be somewhere without jet boats.
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    Just a heads up, Lake Creek was clogged up as of August 16th. Word was that some one was going to do some cutting. If they did you have to take Little Lake Creek, Main Lake Creek has been plugged up for a couple years now and only passable when then river is super high!
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    Question Question about the Tal . . .

    Many years ago, in the early-to-mid '70's, I helped build the first lodge on the Tal. Is it still there? It would be recognizable by its vertical-log construction. The original owner was Nick Botner out of Talkeetna, where we lived at the time . . imagine it's been sold long ago . . if it's still there.

    Thanks . .


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