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Thread: Wild Silver runs Valdez?

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    Question Wild Silver runs Valdez?

    I know that Jack's and Galena bay are not considered part of the terminal fishery of Valdez and are subject to a lower limit and no commercial harvest. I was assuming that this was because of the presence of wild run of silvers? Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, do they have a different timing? I have fished in the bays several times and always see a lot of pinks and chums in the feeder streams but not really any silvers. I have caught few but usually near the bay mouth when the hatchery fish are returning so I was just curious if there even was a natural run there?

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    Caught quite a few nice bright silvers out of Robe River. Assume they are wild fish.

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    Yeah I forgot about the Robe river. Was that later in September or even October that they were in the Robe? I guess I was wondering why Jack's Bay and Galena bay are not part of the terminal fishery if they don't have a wild run and if they do have a wild run what the timing of it was?


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    We caught several shiners out of Robe the first part of September. Nice fish, maybe 8-10 pounds, all chrome. Know from someone that lives in Valdez that fresh silvers continue moving into Robe well into October. Not sure how big the run is.


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