Headed to Cordova this weekend to try an get a blackbear for my girlfriend. Have a cannery to stay in but may need a ride out there and a lift back. It's a short run, just to Hartney Bay but we don't have enough time to pack all our stuff out there and back. We may have a lift, just trying to make sure, she's been trying to get a bear for 3yrs and I want this sure this trip goes well.

I will pay for fuel or trade you ammo or beer or something like that if you need something from Anchorage I would be willing to grab it for you as well, within reason of course no new outboards for a 10min run ( I guess I probably wouldn't want a ride from a guy who needed a new boat motor though).

We will be there on the Friday ferry and need to leave on the tuesday morning boat which would mean we need to be picked up Monday evening. So if you have time, a skiff, and want gas money and or a T-Bone steak PM me your # so we can work something out.

Thanks guys