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    I was thinking of buying an electric motor for use on the Kenai. Possibly for a drift boat or to try and troll with on a 20' power boat. Is there any one with experience that can help with thrust lbs and voltage?

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    If you're considering an electric to move side to side on the river as you float you may be able to make it work, not sure how you'd mount it on a drift boat, definitely make sure you buy one with a long enough shaft! Electric's use quit a bit of juice and while they can be run constantly they can sure eat up battery power, especially in a current, they are better suited to short bursts for adjustments in my opinion. That being said, I know they have the 24 and 36 volts out now that have some pretty serious poundage too, my old man is looking at an 80lber. With something like that, depending on current, maybe.. I have a minnkota bow mount 12v on my 20' sportsmans but use it sparingly, pike fishing in very slow current creek basically. I wish I could remember off hand what pound it is but I've had it for probably 7-8 years. If you do buy I'd recommend Minnkota, it's all my family has run and never had problems, whatever pound you decide to get, maybe then go and buy the next one up, just like your main power as anyone who owns a boat knows, buy all the motor you can so you don't want for more later. luck


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