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    Hi Guys, back from Happy Valley Caribou hunt. Our group of four shot three Caribou, could have been more but one eaited for a big boy and didn't score. He didn't really care as we have lots of meat to share and all had a fantasic time, great weather, good food and met some real great people. Our support was a little late getting in and Mike from 70deg. North took us in and feed us and gave us a dry place to sleep as it was a bit cold and foggy that first night. True Alaskan bush hosipitality from everybody. Learned a whole bunch about flying gravel bars, made 14 landings and on the last few my heart rate was under 200 b/m. Our own Cornbread from this sight gave me a few tips that really worked out. I slowed the 180 down ten knots from where I started. Thanks again to everybody at Mike's for all the help, you guys made the trip. Tom013.jpg024.jpg

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    Nice. I have thought about taking the 185 up there. Did you know where you were going or did you just fly around till you found a decent gravel bar? Were there plenty of gravel bars up there that looked like viable options in your c180?

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    Tom, Glad you made it back safe! Was great meeting you and hope to see you again this year before you head south to see the grand kids. Were getting ready to cut up 4 bou this this weekend to get my saugage made. Hope to see you up there again next year there. A.K Hunter there are quite a few places to land if you fly low and slow, and be picky, This year I landed and made a 600+ foot stripabout 60 miles from Happy Valley and saw like 4 planes and one trooper, allot of the close places are frequenty used a air taxi operator, so head out about 30-45 and should be plenty of places. Tom, Mary Ann says thank for the beers!

    Terry, AKA Cornbread


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