I have basically trimmed down the amount of rifle's & pistol i own to be able to afford to reloaded & shot them.I sold the Combo rifle & shotgun & S&W 460 to my son . My new walking around the woods pistol is the S&W model 500 with four inch barrel with fixed sight's for basic use as a backwood's handgun ..I carry it in a Diamond D chest holster with 5 rounds of extra ammo on the shoulder strap..I can not stop the what ever is comeing after with that much stopping power then i'm going to get eatten by it ..I still keeped the 1911.45.acp pistol & S&W subnose revolver i have

The extras handgun is the Glock 22 40.cal handgun i carry for work sometimes in a few place's that i have gone into in the state that are a little rough with some of the people i have to deal with sometime's over my job