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Thread: Float hunting N Fork Chandalar

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    Hello guys! Long time lurker here first time posting. Im from Sedro Woolley WA, an avid archery Elk and deer hunter that Finally squeezed the trigger on an exciting 12 day AK Moose hunt!!! We will be floating the N Fork of the Chandalar from the lake down to the East Fork. Looking for a little advice from anybody that has been in the area before. I curious if the first portion of the float is were we should focus our efforts get up on some vantage points glass and call? I here Caribou is a no go as there are very few migrating threw the area, how about wolf opportunitys or even Black bear? Would the spotting scope be of use on this river or am I better to leave it home. Im headed out on the 10th and cant hardly wait! I am a newby to Moose hunting, been reading various books and watching many videos to get ready for this big adventure.

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    Listen to some Moose calling tapes. Should be good opportunities to call at that time. Be ready to shoot while floating. Especially as you come around curves and bends in the river.
    My guess (never been there) is the lower river is the better moose country. But as long as there is feed there could be moose around. Maybe google earth will help.
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