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Thread: Here's a white sauce recipe: "Sloppy Potato"

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    Default Here's a white sauce recipe: "Sloppy Potato"

    1stimestar asked if I would post this white sauce recipe, so here it is:

    Sloppy Potato

    Based off of a Bechamel sauce, this is a Bechamel plus onion plus mushroom plus lamb dish.

    One batch feeds 2 1/2 hungry people, so multiply the quantities appropriately to feed how many people you want to:

    Boil chunked potatoes in chicken or beef broth & salt for 30 minutes until done. While that's happening:

    In a saucepan:

    • melt 3 tblsp butter
    • cook in 2 tblsp minced red onion, until translucent
    • then add 3 tblsp flour, heat until bubbly & thick but don't brown it

    Add that mixture to 1 1/2 cups scalded milk. Whisk. Add some salt and a tiny amount of pepper. Keep adding salt until the taste balances correctly between the onion and the salt.

    Add 3/4 cup finely minced mushroom.

    Simmer until right thickness. Add small pinch of nutmeg and 2 tblsp finely minced parsley.

    Brown 1 1/2 inches of gyro (lamb) slices (1 1/4 pounds?) cut into1/4 inch squares, and add to sauce. I buy my gyro meat in bulk at sams club; it is pre-cooked and pre-sliced.

    To Serve:

    Mash a potato chunk down and slather with the “white sauce with lamb”.

    Alternatively, slather toasted bread with it, slice and eat.

    Family review received: 5 thumbs up out of 5


    I took this to a potluck gathering, and I posted the following directions/sign (in addition to some copies of the recipe) next to my crockpot full of white sauce that sat next to a big bowl of boiled potato chunks and one loaf of sliced homemade bread:

    Sloppy Potato

    Directions: Slather the sauce over either potato or bread.

    An original recipe created by (edited: FamilyMan, here on the forums) about a week ago, based off of a Bechamel Sauce. This white sauce features a bit of onion, lots of mushroom, and lamb (gyro) meat. This dish was renamed to “Sloppy Potato” by 5 year old son Daniel, after he heard Dad's unreasonably long name for what we were having for dinner.

    The bread is a mustard/dill/cheddar/jalapeno recipe of mine and the potatoes were grown in Palmer.

    Since I do our family's cooking here, my wife told me that the potluck instructions requested a dish from our ancestry for tonight's gathering - we're all Scandinavian here. I love to cook but I know no Scandinavian dishes, and told her this dish was more of a German style. She told me that since this recipe was created by a Scandinavian (me) then it IS a Scandinavian dish. Me: “Yes Dear.”
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