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Thread: Sitka 2012?

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    Hello, I am looking for some help on picking a lodge to stay at. I am hoping to stay for 3-5 days at the end of June 2012. You guys have been a great help in the past steering me in the right direction. I just returned from a week in Kodiak and had a great time. Any reccomendations will be appreciated, I have a few picked out so far, but would like to get info from the guys in the know. Thanks in advance. I will post some kodiak pics in a bit.

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    I fished Sitka for 8 years. this year went to a new spot to see a different part of AK and be able to keep a few lings. We enjoyed our time at Kingfisher. They pack and freeze all your fish so that is a plus. Very nice lodge. Clean boats with 4 per boat average. If you wish to fish with more than 4, they have larger boats. Mornings are salmon and once you have your salmon you fish halibut and yelloweye. Limited season on Lings and tight slots, thus our decision to fish elsewhere this year.

    Always fished 5 days. Everything from Bfast to lunch to snacks and dinner included. Only need buy your own beer and liquor. Failry long fishing days-- a plus for us.

    I really like a capt named Mike-last name, I believe, is Mudgett.

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    I fished 4 yrs with Alaska Premier Charters (Wild Strawberry Lodge). Similar program to Kingfisher. Great boats and equipment. Fishing and captains were great as long as the weather was halfway decent. Haven't been in a couple of years due to the halibut limits. I may be going back in '12, not sure what my plans are yet. They are a sponser on this site.


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