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Thread: Pet Spruce Hens

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    Default Pet Spruce Hens

    We have got 8-10 spruce hens living in our back yard. I kind of like having them around. It's killing my three boys that I won't let them shoot them. They begged me to shoot this one off of my boat top, promising they would not hit the boat. The bird roosted on my boat for almost half a day. I was suprised it hung out for so long. It was kind of funny how much it tortured the kids not to shoot it. I guess it's a good lesson for them that they don't need to kill everything that they come across just because it's "in season" as they would say.

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    That is torture Dad!!! You can't kill them out of season! If you need a good recipe for them to follow, give me a jingle, might as well see them through the entire process! LOL Had to cut my sons off Snowshoe Hares until they found someone to take them all. But I an honestly say, I'll never get sick of grouse. Nice Boat BTW!


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