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Thread: Useful links for Statewide River Levels, Weather/Precip Data

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    Default Useful links for Statewide River Levels, Weather/Precip Data

    Thought this may be handy for some boaters/rafters, and in general for hunters wanting to know conditions before heading afield.

    Here is a link to the NOAA River Forecast Center:

    Click on the map for individual regions, then look for whatever river you are interested in We recently became official NOAA site so we should be on the eastern interior map. It may be hard to determine what certain stages may mean for some sites...for example if you click on Kandik it will show we're at 12.04', they don't have enough data yet from us to peg what flood stage is, realistically that stage here is the lower end of medium water level, not rock bottom low yet. Most sites though will give better indication of just where water levels are. Click on the Goodpaster for example, you will see it came up pretty good on Aug 20, and is dropping again now.

    The weather/precip info from all the NOAA COOP sites is useful too, for some reason the direct link doesn't work to get there, so start here:

    On the left side of page, under Climate Data, click on "Local," that will take you to next page.

    On the next page, under 1)Product, check the Regional Summary (RTP)
    For 2) Location choose Fairbanks
    For 3) Timeframe choose Most Recent
    Click on the yellow GO button to view

    The major towns/cities will be toward the top, scroll down for all the individual COOP sites, will list the daily high/low temps and amount of precipitation if any. We aren't listed yet but our weather and precip info should show up as soon as they get it into the database.

    Wide range of COOP sites though, handy to see what temps are doing, if there has been any rain or not in the area you plan to hunt.

    Good luck afield, stay safe,

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    Good link, thanks Mark.

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