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Thread: SMALL Hot water Heater, on demand....suggestions.

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    Default SMALL Hot water Heater, on demand....suggestions.

    Looking for suggestions for a small on-demand electric hot water heater........??? Also are there any brands to avoid...?

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    "People lookto buy a hot water heater, but aren't you really looking for a cold water heater? or maybe a hot water chiller?"
    -George Carlin

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    Go over to the Compact Appliance website and look at the model they have called Ecotemp Protable Tankless hot water heater that fits on a small BBQ gril tank and see if that works for you and your need's there

    website is or google them

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    I have been using this all summer and it works great. Free shipping from Amazon as well.
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    We have used a Bosch Aquastar at our cabin for years and it works great. We have it hung on the back of the cabin with a 45 degree joint pointing the flue gas away from the wall. When I drain the system in the fall, I just loosen up the inlet and outlet and let it drain. In the spring, I tighten them up and it fires right up. You can get one from Susitna Energy.

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    Do you want a elec. or gas ? The gas will be much more effecient. With gas when the flame goes out the heat ends ,where as with elec. there is a lot of residuall heat that is left in the heating element. Also as soon as the gas fires you have instant heat and the elec. will take longer to achive that temp. Good luck


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