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Thread: Picked up new boat this week

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    Default Picked up new boat this week

    Found and bought a new boat on craigs list this week for my duck hunting. 5 hp Briggs, 12 plastic boat and 12' gal trailer, asking 900, bought for 500, the guy just wanted to get rid of it. The plastic boat has 2 layers with airspace in between, kinda a cute little fishing boat, green and tan, almost 4 ft wide, tag says it weights 130 lbs. The past couple weeks i've been setting up my new (used) 9 hp go devil on my 14 aluminum. Problem is that motor weighs a ton for a old guy to carry around and out to DL. The Briggs only weighs 50 lbs and from what I've seen should work fine as long as there is water to float the boat. I'll take both set ups to a small shallow weedy pond near me to try out today and make a final decision on which set up I keep and which I sell. May sell the 14 aluminum, with go devil and trailer if anybody wants a good swan lake set up, it is ready to go. I think the smaller set up will be much easier for me to move around and hunt with, I'll try and post some pictures later today. Feel free to call if anybody may be interested in the aluminum boat and go devil. Bud

    Below is a link to the new boat if you are curious:

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    Thats a great buy and those are tough little boats. My wife has something quite similar but more pontoon style. She uses a 55 pound thrust electric motor and carries two batteries instead of a gas motor. They drafts very little water, easy to handle and virtually indestructable. She drags hers over rocks, across parking lots with little effort. Heck the motor is worth 500. Great find and I'm sure that little boat will last your lifetime.


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