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    I bought a new 2011 Big Boss recently and am in the process of changing all the fluids for the first time (20 hr). My question to those do it yourselfers is how do you access the fill port on the front gearcase? With the new location of the winch being moved lower than previous years and the metal skid plate I can't get to the fill hole without removing the winch and front guard! Everything else was a breeze until I got to the front... I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I'd appreciate any tips or tricks anyone may have.
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    I would drill a hole threw the skid plate to get a socket on the drain plug.

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    The drain plug is fully exposed on the bottom, it's the fill port that is a pain to access. I'm doing it right now, just stopped to grab a bite while the fluid drains. Had to remove the front bottom guard(4 screws) and then un-bolt the winch from the frame(4 bolts). Once free the winch swings out of the way and exposes the fill port. Not super tough to do but just adds to the time to do everything right and I don't like the fact I have to unbolt/rebolt the winch everytime, adds to the chance of wearing out bolts or threads on winch bracket...Maybe some genius has come up with a quick alternative? I wondered about an oil pump to use on the drain port like the kind used on boat motors for changing lower unit oil but I would still have to be able to pull the fill plug to know the proper level. Oh well, I'l keep thinking and listening for a better solution for the next scheduled change...Thanks-FS

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    If you are using Polaris oil Polaris offers caps for their quart oil jugs. Get the caps and some clear tubing from the hardware store to fit over the nipple, stick opposite end of tube in fill hole. With this you can reach places where the sun don't shine.

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    Yeah, I bought similar attachments at NAPA that work great. The whole problem is you can't get any tools into where the fill plug cap is. It takes an allen wrench and I can't even get that in with swivel attachments, there's just no opening around or through any of the mounting brackets for the winch, skid plate or frame! Completely shrouded from access, that is why I had to remove the front grill guard and then the winch to be able to get a tool onto the fill plug so I could unscrew it. I was hoping that someone had a good idea of an after market replacemnet plug that might screw in and extend around the frame but still be at the right level for the fill check (you fill the case until it reaches the bottom of the threads of the fill port). Oh well, mission accomplished on this oil change but there has to be a better way...FS


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