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Thread: Chena River & Tanana River Camping Spots

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    Default Chena River & Tanana River Camping Spots

    Would anybody be willing to give up some coordinates or spots where I could drive my boat and go camp on gravel bars etc...

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    These are fairly long rivers, do you have an idea where you will be?

    Not much for camping on the Chena from the confluence with the Tanana through town, then you hit the military land. Once you get further upstream on the Chena there are a lot more options.

    The Tanana doesn't have any established campgrounds, but there are unlimited areas to tie up and set up a camp in the woods. There are quite a few campsites that have been used over the years by hunters that are set up pretty nice, but the majority are not visible from the river.

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    Well I put in either across from Princess hotel and can go out to the Tanana or looking to go up past the Military base...


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