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Thread: Valdez flightseeing businesses in October??????

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    Default Valdez flightseeing businesses in October??????

    I am planning a registration goat hunt out of Valdez in October. I've made a couple of phone calls and surfed the web, but can't find anyone out of Valdez that could fly me and my hunting partner in for a scouting trip. Does anyone know of anyone that could do this? Total flight time would be less than one hour. Price would be good to know also.


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    For years there was one Air Taxi in Valdez, Chuck LaPage Alpine Aviation. He retired and his Part 135 certificate went to the Kennedy family in Cordova. I'm not sure if anyone is operating out of Valdez now but I would call Steve Searles the Airport manger 835-5658. He will know one way or another. Your alternative is to have Cordova Air Service fly over and pick you up in Valdez, spendy. Good luck.

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    Another option would be to take the ferry, from Valdez to Cordova. If the weather is reasonable, you might even be able to scout some possible start points between the two towns as you travel by ferry along the north edge of the sound between Valdez and Cordova. There are places closer to Cordova that have been traditional areas for goats.

    October weather in Prince William Sound can be truly bad for days on end, so be sure to pack enough food to last for several days in case your airplane pickup date is delayed by weather. I one time picked up some hunters on Montague Island that were two weeks over due for there pickup by an air taxi company out of Seward.

    Take a look at for additiona aircraft charter options out of Cordova.

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    Thanks for the replys. I'll make a call to Valdez tomorrow. In the mean time, I'll check into Cordova options.

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    Called the Valdez airport today. Seems no fixed wing ability this year. The only source that was given is having his plan overhauled and won't be ready until next year. However, there is a heli service out of Valdez, they run only into the first week of October. At least this is an option.

    Thanks for the info folks.


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