just made a trip out to red shirt lake last weekend, very interesting trip. left early saturday morning arrived in the parking lot around, oh...9:30 or so. the place was packed, people everywhere. even a bunch of people packing in building materials. there was alot of snow great riding conditions and awesome weather for us. it was about 9 miles total from parking lot to cabin. we rented a cabin from parks and rec id like to say first off i give those cabins two thumbs up! if you ever get a chance you should do this trip. we had cabin #2, a 12x12 small but perfect. we arrived, cabin was clean and even had wood there to start a fire. kinda nice your supposed to leave enough wood for the next person to start a fire. so start a fire let it warm up while you go find yourself some wood. anyway we did drive to each of the cabins and took a look at them and they are very nice and the wood stoves keep them nice and toasty warm. having not fished there before any spot was as good as another so we set tip ups in the front yard as i called it. we could watch them from the window in the cabin. we didnt get alot of luck as far as catching is concerned but we didnt care it was beautiful. toy (my friend) pulled an old dogsled behind his sled so i rode it as he pulled me around the lake it was alot of fun. i felt like i was in the iditarod haha anyway we packed up the next morning, collecting our tip ups, we had one take a hit producing a med size pike. from what i know now if i had it to do again i would string those tip ups along the bank on the right side about 15 to 20 feet from the bank, i just have a feeling thats the place to be. we were more to the left side which produced a big 0. Toy, made us giant moose burgers and believe it or not pizza before we headed back out. he always makes sure we eat well, thanx Toy. last thing i wanted to say is there are tons of trails in the Nancy Lake System and tons of lakes. so if your looking for a place to go its a great pick also with those cabins you could take the whole family moms kids and dogs! its a great place for a family trip.
as far as ice thickness is concerned, if you dig the snow off the top of the ice youll be fine, ran into a couple guys who didnt and their auger was stuck and they were doing the chainsaw dance trying to get it out.