Looking for ideas for a Labor Day Weekend hunt. I'm not too picky about what, but would prefer caribou or moose. I know it's awful late in the year, but I had a lot of job uncertainty last year during the draw application period and didn't want to apply for tags that I wasn't sure I could use. I would hate to win a tag, not hunt it, and take opportunities away from someone else.

I'm in the Ninilchik/Anchor Point Area. I don't have wheelers but don't mind hiking at all. I don't mind driving, but don't get to leave work until 4 on Friday night and I have to be back by Tuesday morning.

I was thinking about driving up towards Chicken or Boundary with my buddy and doing some hiking up that way, but from everything that I see when I search, that hunt sounds like a wheeler hunt that could well be closed long before Labor Day anyways. I'm not looking for anybody's secret spot, just ideas on where to start. I've got good backpacking gear that I've used to cover tons of miles in the mountains here and in Colorado before I moved up here, so really would like to get out and use it trying to put some meat in the freezer. If push comes to shove, we'll probably stay down here and set up camp looking for moose in areas that hold black bears too. If that doesn't pan out, maybe silvers in the rivers will be the back-up plan.