After two years of planning, I've finally moved to Kotzebue...and love it! My jobs great! I get to fly (aboard Bering or ERA) to Point Hope every other week. THe first flight there was with Bering Air aboard a Caravan. The second trip was with ERA on their 1900. My word...what a nice flight that was! Kinda scary though, fast final on a short PHO RWY (pilot kinda overshot final too) but did an awesome job landing. THere are so many planes constantly taking off and landing here in Kotz. It's distracting. I'll be in session with a client, window open, and hear something coming in (my office building must be a marker for turning base). I have to focus on my client, and not glance out the window BUt I assure you, when i'm alone, I get up and run to the window like a kid on CHristmas. I found a plane to fly. It's a C150. Never have flown that airframe before. A bit different from a C172. Much more responsive to any input with the controls. Its alot more windy here than at Elmendorf, and my first take off was with a 90 degree right crosswind. I didn't take the correction out quite enough and I felt it FAST! LOVE the RWYs here...straight N S E W, RWY 36 -18 and RWY 09 - 27. I've heard that come September, this place will be inundated with planes and hunters. Can't wait to see that. My hopes are to buy something next summer. We'll see. I've got some great videos of planes landing low and fast. Alaska air lands their 737(?) and that's a sight! When I figure out how to attach those videos to the forum I will.