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Thread: ATV Rental in Cordova?

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    Hi everyone, I have only been to Cordova once. I am planning to have a day off in Cordova as I travel for work. I am wondering if anyone has a contact for an ATV rental in Cordova? If not, a pickup rental would work too. I am wanting to explore, do some fishing, and see the million dollar bridge and the glacier.


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    Fyi, the road at mile 36 is closed for bridge repair. You can't get to the million dollar bridge at this time.

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    If the mile 36 bridge is closed to traffic, you won't get a very good view of the Child's Glacier.

    I was out there this summer for a week. The trail past the Million Dollar bridge is overrated, and only goes for about 5 miles until it is washed out. The best riding area I would find was around mile 27, at the first bridge across the Copper River.

    The terrain there is unlike anything else I have seen. You are in the delta. Large channels have silted up, and contain a lot of driftwood. These fill in the gaps between former islands (often consisting of dunes), which are higher and have vegetation. The hard part out there is determining where it is safe to ride. Most of the silted channels are dry, and in the majority of the wet areas, the water is only a few inches deep. However, particularly around vegetated areas, there can be holes. I managed to find a 2+ foot deep one, about 7 miles from the highway. But that's a story for another post...and an explanation of why I just installed a snorkel kit on my Rzr!

    I didn't see any kind of ATV tour company or dealership out there. Probably your only hope is to rent something from an individual. You may want to check with the Coast Guard vessel, if she is in port. A large percentage of her crew apparently ride.


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