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Thread: Fairbanks area in sept.

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    Default Fairbanks area in sept.

    Me and some friends will be coming to fairbanks to hunt the haul road in mid to late sept. Just wondering what kind of fishing to look forward to. What kind of fish will be available and where are the best places?

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    Default Fairbanks Options

    Well I am sure there are some out there who say Fishing in Fairbanks Mid to Late Sept is poor however with a little work there is some fun to be had.

    The Chena depending on the weather can stillbe good fishing for Grayling Example: Last year 19 Sept to mile 50 there was a blanket hatch of Midges, and a little Yellow Stone coming off and the fish were fat and frisky and willing. We did have some very warm weather mind you for most of Sept. Most of the fish will be staging to fall back to the main river so just go up Chena Hot Springs road to 50 mile and work your way back spinners will work fine. Remember it is C&R only on Grayling.

    Lakes - The lakes will be turning so the fish are for the most part along shore, you will find local lakes stocked with Rainbows, Char, Silvers (on the small side) and Grayling.

    Salmon - If you do not mind driving towards Nenana you will find Silvers in most of the creeks near the Nenena River heading towards Healy. By the end of the month Silvers in numbers towards Delta Junction on Clear Water Creek about 90 miles from Fairbanks.

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    Thanks for the info, we dont mind driving a ways, we'll be camping anyways. Would love to get into some good fly fishing for salmon, was not sure if there was any near fairbanks. Bigger fish better!!

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    there might be some big char in the sag if you are heading up the haul road.
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    are there any pike or dollys around at that time?


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