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    Both of the shrimp in the photo are raw. This is my second year shrimping, and the first time I've seen this. I hope it's not a sign of things to come. However it tasted fine, and unlike the chalky halibut I did not detect a difference in consistency.

    Side note, I now butterfly my shrimp before cooking. Allows for more surface area to be seasoned or smoked, and it's a breeze to get the meat out of the shell.

    butterflied shrimp.jpg

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    I've been setting my pots in the same place for maybe around 5-6 years. First or second year I'd get a chalky shrimp here and there. Sometimes it seemed like I'd get nothing but chalky shrimp over a weekend. But over the last few years it's back to a chalky shrimp here and there. Don't know if it's a seasonal thing or what. But yes, the texture is pretty bad. I think (hope) that you'll find it's a fairly rare occurrance.

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    I wonder if it has to do with their molting phase? I get an occasional one too.


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