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Thread: fairbanks raft rental info needed for john river

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    Default fairbanks raft rental info needed for john river

    Hey all,
    I am exploring an option to float the john river 1st 2 weeks in august and i need some names to raft rentals in the fairbanks area. also has anyone ever floated from anaktuvuk to bettles,what is the approx. float length. or hunt fork lake to bettles. How is the section below bettels at the koyukuk confluence for lining up to bettles? this is not a hunting trip just a fun trip.

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    Contact Larry Bartlett @ Pristine Ventures in Fairbanks

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    Bettles lodge has package outfits for the river you want to float. Talk to Linda...

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    Default Raft Rental Options

    FYI on your options for Renting Raft / Cats

    Blue Moose Rafting, NRS Otters & Cats, AIRE Cats, and Round boats inlcuing the traveler, and two person Kayaks, AIRE Tribs, STAR, and Outcast - Best Pricing in the state example - $80.00 per day for 16ft Raft or Cat with Alaska Take down Frame, Life Jackets, 2 dry bags, and Pump or paddle package starting at $60.00 per day. ( web site is being rebuilt so pay no attention to the old informaiton) We will offer a highbred Raft/Canoe option in the fall AIRE is currently finishing up my desgin request.

    Larry B. Prinstine Ventures - SOAR, NRS, Achilles, and SOTAR however expect to pay an additional $25.00 - $50.00 for all the options such as dry bags $5.00 per day plus a differnce between paddle package and rowing frame package example would be $115.00 for rwoing frame packages listed on his page. Larry does offer trip planning services which also run in my opiion towards a little expensive however for th emost part it is a quality services if you don't mind spending the money.

    Test the Waters - Maravia (speelling) I believe in the past they have worked with Larry and may offer some of the same pricing and boat options but you would have to check with Mitch on that.

    Alaska Raft and Kayak out of Anchroage offers drop services and rental packages all over the state. Give Trac or Jeff a call fro pricing and service options.

    Best wishes in your selection. Feel free to call for additional information at any time (907-460-7758) We will have our retail / rental store open in Mid April directly after the Fairbanks outdoor Spring show.


    Richard M. Mousseau


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