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Thread: Thanks poachers!!!

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    Default Thanks poachers!!!

    Some stupid poaching fool shot a small spike moose in the back legs with a bow, didn't kill it and left it to die, out near Big Lake. We just happen to be on the salvage list so the troopers put him down and called us. 3 hours later we were done. Keep em coming poachers!! (I know bow season just closed on the 17th but the wound was no more than a day or 2 so that is why I am assuming poachers)
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    one guy i went with announced he had got a moose and when we went to go get it 2 lung shots finished what he couldn't. upon harvest we realized he had only hit it in one back leg knee area with his 338.

    some are poor shots, poor hunters make poor shots and don't finish the job. not saying it was or wasn't poaching, just sharing a similar event from about 6 years ago. it sucks to know suffering that way. be glad you helped make a bad deal better.

    i refer to that guy as "wounded knee" every time i see him. GREAT JOB SALVAGING & glad you made a bad deal better.
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