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Thread: Overpressure in Remington factory loads

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    Default Overpressure in Remington factory loads

    I was shooting some factory loads out of my Ruger GP-100 today, and had one that locked up my cylinder. After many swear words and fighting with the cylinder, I finally got it open. I inspected the case, and found that the dimple usually left in the primer by the firing pin was pushed out backwards, and the primer was backing out. I am assuming this was caused by overcharging the case, or using the wrong primer. Anybody else have any problems with Remington's UMC ammo? I stopped using these rounds as soon as this happened, so I am not sure if any more in the box had problems.
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    I'd show both the extracted case, and the gun, to a local 'smith for their opinion. Might want to get ahold of Remington too...they might want both the case and the rest of the ammo for testing...

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    I had some CCI mini caps that did not fire. I called the company and they wanted them back for testing along with the numbers on the plastic box.
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    +1 on what Marshall said. Before firing again (with different ammunition) have a trustworthy smith safety check pistol and also call Remington. Have the box handy when you call. Remington has had a fair share of recalled items and this might be on the list.

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    You could have found a case that made it past quality control, the primer backed out due to being loose in the case, with the primer causing the cylinder to lock up.

    Have you chrono'ed the ammo? It is significantly faster than ammo of a different lot number?
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    I have shot 1500 rounds of .40 S&W UMC ammo in the last 16 months, as well as 2000 rounds of .223 UMC, and a few hundred rounds of .45ACP. No issues at all.
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