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Thread: And Some Of Y'all Wonder Why..............

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    Default And Some Of Y'all Wonder Why..............

    I prefer to sleep with a horse pistol in my sleeping bag.

    I was reading this story

    in the Snooze-Miner and recalled some of the comments a few of you left on the pistola thread about having a rifle makes having a handgun unnecessary while hunting.

    I guess in most cases that's probably true.

    However, my thoughts are that if you are in a tent sleeping all buttoned up in a sleeping bag and in the rare event a furry critter drags you out like big a pig-in-a-blanket, you aren't going be able to unbutton yourself and grab the rifle that is now inside the tent and out of reach. At least if you have the handgun in the bag with you, you can still access it and shoot through the bag at what's chewing on your toes if necessary.
    Now what ?

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    Trust me I have been in that exact situation and a pistol still would not have helped!! You don't have time to fumble for a pistol or rifle, you are just fighting to get it off if you! You can't see outside a tent and they don't just nibble toes!!!

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    As posted in the other thread on this same article... the guy wasn't in a sleeping bag.
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