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Thread: Accurising a Browning X Bolt?

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    Default Accurising a Browning X Bolt?

    When I see stuff on people accurising actions it is mostly Remingtons, is this the only one that people work on or is it just because of the amount of remington actions out there? I have a browning xbolt that I would like to accurize and put a new barrel on. Is this possible? Does it cost more because of the action type? Also, what aftermarket stocks are available if I wanted to step up to a larger barrel contour than the original rifle. Again, the only thing you normally find are for remington or winchester. I have found a few for the Browning A bolt, do they have the same dimensions as the x bolt? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    any bolt action can be trued when a new barrel is installed - the brownings are a bit problematic because Miroku (japanese manufacturer) uses fine metric threads and loctites them when assembled making getting the old barrel out somewhat chancy but it surely can be done, I have had many an ABolt rebarrelled over the years - as far as "accurizing" though, if you are not gonna change chamberings I think Miroku makes a pretty darn well made and assembled barrel / action - haven't had any experience with the XBolt as far as accuracy issues are concerned but I doubt anyone will be making any aftermarket stocks - MPI will make a fiberglass custom for you but they're not cheap


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