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    Can anybody recommend a good, durable paint to use on an Outboard jet? I simply want to take a standard "red" colored model and make it black. I appreciate any tips, thanks.

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    Nobody has painted an OB jet unit? Even if you had bad results, I'd like to hear those so I don't go down that road.

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    I have, its easy. First off is to remove the unit from the outboard. Then you sand, sand blast or grind away the old stuff (after masking off or removing the water impeller and driveshaft. I have a wet sand blast attachment for my pressure washer. This option is great because it leaves you a finish with enough tooth for the paint to adhere to really well. Next get a zinc chormate or zinc phospahte outboard spary paint primer (a jet takes only 1-2 cans) like from Moller or Petit. Spary, then spary 1-2 cans of the outboard paint of the color you want according to which outboard you have. The whole project should only take 4 cans or less at only $15/can. It looks good too!


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    I use the Suzuki metallic black to match my outboard. Works good. I touch up the foot every spring.
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