Figure i'll get both questions answered with one post. First, I'll be going up to the Haul rd 18 Sep-24 Sep, for the walk in rifle hunt. I did it 2 yrs ago and got a nice bull. I bow hunted last yr and got a young bull aswell. My hunting partner this year doesn't bow hunt so we're both rifle hunting it this yr. I've never gone this late though. Sep 16th 2 yrs ago and mid Aug last yr. Think we'll be safe from the rutted up bulls this time of the year? I heard from other posts that come October it's time to shoot cows, but Sept should be ok. Then others say from mid Sep on they are rutting. My bull 2 yrs ago was fine in mid Sept, Think we might be cuttin it pretty close, what's your thoughts?

Second, how's the blueberry status this yr up there. Since There's not many around these parts this yr I figured I'll try to load up on em this yr up there. Last yr it was rediculous, they were everywhere.

Thanks Billy Jack