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    Spent the night in Anchorage at the RV place last night and by lunchtime had made it up to Montana Creek after stopping at the usual places to stock the rv. Sorry but I have to admit slinging a spinner on my first trip down to the mouth but I landed a couple of chums and a silver. Lots of chums and pinks caught but few silvers. Went just a bit down from the hwy on my second trip and caught a bunch of chums and pinks, this time all on the fly. Grilled some steaks and spuds for dinner and then went back for number three with Jordan. She was pretty worn out after a 20hr day so I let her take a couple of naps before I said she needed to get out of the rv. Took her down to the mouth where she landed a chum and missed a few more. Stopped a couple of spots on the way back upstream where we tied into more chums and pinks. She did great and said several times that she liked the fishing more now that whe was here than when she was just thinking about it back hime. Great first day! Glad I took my 8wt because with the high water and current, some of those chums would have been really tough on my 6wt. Denali tomorrow so might not fish but then again, still light at 10pm...

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    This report almost scared me.
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