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    Last year I crossed the Sag but it was N of the boat launch by PS 2. We had a crappy canoe and had to cross several braids of the river before we got all the way over. Is the crossing at the boat launch pretty much the same or is there one main crossing? Is there a better place to cross around PS 2 if the Bou are in that area?

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    It's all pretty braided through there. You could head up to 46 mile. That is another area to launch, but you have to head out a ways before hitting the main channel. I think there are two channels there as well though, the second being just at the bluffs, so you'll still have to portage the canoe a ways. You could also head south to just north of pump station two and cross there. That is all the main channel but you will get pinched off heading northwest by the Ivishak.


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