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Thread: You all are killing me!!!!!!!!!

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    Default You all are killing me!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding!
    I want to give all of you that are posting these great stories and awesome pictures of your hunts a great big CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am going insane looking at and reading all these posts. I think I will stop in order to control my sanity level! hahaha

    Again congrats to all and keep the stories and pics coming


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    me too. I know moose season isnt going to start until sep. the fith. Last night i was staying up till 2 am mentally packing and repacking all the stuff i could possibly need in moose camp. Went over the argo again, think i have some work to do.

    beginning to think it would be a good idea to take my two year old and nine month old up the haul road and try to stick a boo.... Mom says not though....

    excellent job to all, especially the family hunters. If you can do it from a tent, i can to even though i have no experience.


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