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Thread: Whole family is moving back to Alaska again.

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    Default Whole family is moving back to Alaska again.

    I am retiring from the military in 27 months, my brother in law is getting out of the military in about 18 months, and my mother is retiring from the BLM in a few months.

    I think the goal is to go to Fairbanks, but ultimatly my goal is Copper Center or Valdez.

    Depends on who hires me I guess.

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    Welcome Home.
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    Welcome Back! My family and I just got here a couple of weeks ago and love it so far! How long have you been gone from the state?
    G3 Guy
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    I have been gone since 2000. Spent a couple years on Whidbey Island in Washington state, a couple years in Spain, 27 months in Italy, 2 years in Maine, and 8 months in Florida before coming to Australia. While in Maine and Florida I spent 12 months non-consecutive months in Afghanistan and Djibouti fighting the in the war.

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    Congratulations!'re coming home to Alaska!

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    Thank you, that's how I feel. I am hoping to find a Gov job before I get there. That will take some stress off the move. TSA called me and told me I could defer testing for a year, but I actually need 26 months now. So they said no. They also told me I was over qualified for the job (Airport Screener) I was applying for. The lady told me to apply for management positions, and I talked to some State Department Staffing people here in Australia, and they told me I should be able to get a GS-9 to GS-13 job "no problem". Well I guess we will see when the time comes. I'll have my military retirement (enough for a house payment), so it doesn't have to be a huge paying job. That and I'll be making custom knives, cordura equipment, and firearms as a side job. The wife is a school teacher, but we have brand new babies so i don't think she will work for a couple years. Hopefully everything will come together. God's Grace I guess.

    Relieved because my military career is almost over, and scared to death because I am starting a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Seth View Post

    Relieved because my military career is almost over, and scared to death because I am starting a new one.
    Alaska Seth
    know the feeling well... Many retiring military people often sell themselves short when it comes time to look for a job. After 20 yrs or more of military experience, they have leadership and management skills that should/could be applied to their "next" career. I spent a lot of sleepless nights my last year of active duty, wondering and worrying about what I could do to support a growing family. Fortunately, everything kinda fell into place and I enjoyed two more careers before I finally hung it all up.
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