Planning a raft trip for Sixmile Creek this Saturday. Looking for boats & boaters interested in getting wet. We'll be doing the lower two canyons, and probably not the first one, so plan on class IV & V whitewater.

Right now the gauge is hovering around 9.3' (moderately low) but by Saturday is predicted to be closer to 10.0' (mid levels). If it gets higher than 10.3' or so, I'll probably bail. It all depends on rain today & tomorrow.

We have two rafts going now, and would like to have more. Kaykers are welcome to join us.

We'll meet at Carrs Huffman at 9am and be at the Boston Bar put in (mile 3.3 Hope Rd.) around 11am. Should be home around 5pm, but that's just a guess.

Call or email if interested.
jstrutz at gmail dot com