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Thread: Klutina Rainbows and Dollys

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    Default Klutina Rainbows and Dollys

    Seeing how the Kenai has that late season fishery for trout and char doesn't Klutina have something similar? I mean, both have big runs of salmon and plenty of food sources for rainbows and such. Would think drifting beads on the upper Klutina could be good, no? Any one have experience with this? Imagine the guides over there could open up a new market to compete with the upper Kenai. Beautiful area and river this time of year. Heading that way soon and hate to waste time doing this if nothing is to be caught.

    All have a great weekend!

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    There are dollies in the Klutina, I don't know about rainbows but have never heard of them in there. I graduated from Glennallen but only fished for dollies there once. We drove all the way to the lake outlet but to be honest didn't catch anything. I wasn't into fishing that much then so I wish I had more info for you. I do know that there are rainbows in the Gulkana, along with great grayling fishing. Hope this helps.

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    I got dollies up there yrs ago. whitefish also.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine!

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    Default They are there

    Fishing for dollies and lake trout by the lake outlet is usually better in the spring after ice out and the start of the smolt migration. Rainbows and steelhead in this river are few and difficult to target in the main river. Best bet is to try the stream outlets that flow into the lake under spawing salmon. Rainbows/ Steelhead are in the St. Annes and Hallet but there during hunting season and are taken as an afterthought. Float the Nilchina into the Taz for big 'bows in the fall. That protected run of salmon has made for some mighty fish.


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