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Thread: Homemade butter recipes?

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    Question Homemade butter recipes?

    My wifey wants to get into makin our own butter, any good recipes or tips? Thanks!

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    Butter is super easy to make its just whipping cream and a touch of salt thats beat to heck and back. I use my mixer and add a million different things for other flavors of butter from garlic, lemon, almond ect. Just be sure to pour off the buttermilk and rinse it until the water is clear ~ its the buttermilk that will make the butter taste sour.

    Here is a quick recipe from food network ~

    1pint heavy cream / whipping cream, very cold
    Pinch salt, optional


    Find a large jar with a tight-fitting lid that will hold the cream about half full. Refrigerate the jar for at least 1 hour. Pour the cream into the cold jar. Tightly secure the lid and shake as hard as possible until chunks of butter start to form, 15 to 30 minutes. Pour into a strainer set over a bowl. The chunks in the strainer are butter, and the liquid in the bowl is buttermilk.

    Pour the buttermilke into a clean container, cover, refrigerate, and reserve for another use
    Turn the butter into a clean bowl and cover with very cold water. Pour into a strainer, discarding the liquid. Continue rinsing the butter with very cold water until the water runs clear. When the butter is clean, work with a wooden spoon to press out any remaining liquid. Discard this liquid. If desired, add salt to the butter. (Salted butter will keep longer.)

    Transfer the butter to a clean container for keeping, pressing with a wooden spoon or spatula to dispel any air bubbles. Refrigerate until ready to use.

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    My Grandmother never rinsed hers, maybe that's why it also had a sharp taste. Man I miss homemade butter. And honestly I miss milking the cows every morn before work and / or school. And the warm fresh milk for breakfast, when bring the buckets in to the house for separating. But, I do realize I just don't have the time for milk cattle anymore.

    Thanks for reminding us all about the good memories of the past,


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