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    I'm going to be down in Homer without my boat this weekend. Can anyone tell me if the silvers have come to the Spit Fishin' Hole yet? What technique would be working best there right about now. Bait, Flies, Vibrex, Pixies...? I haven't fished in the hole for several years now but we used to do pretty good with a piece of herring about 18" or so under a bobber...
    Thanks in advance.

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    Nobody has been out to the fishing hole this week?

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    My dad is down camping at the fishing hole right now. I will call and ask.

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    I was down there last weekend and there are plenty of fish in the lagoon but they will not bite and snagging is illegal until further notice. I went down to lands end and absolutely hammered the cod on hoochies and buzzbombs. We were able to pick up 3 silvers also. I would say if you are on the boat you could get your limit in short order. There were quite a few folks comming in that evening with limits of silvers.

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    Anybody been out there recently?
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