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Thread: help with scientific name of fish?

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    Default help with scientific name of fish?

    Locals catch alot of these on the Kobuk river in the winter via ice fishing. Everyone here calls them mud sharks but was wondering what the scientific name was and catch limits?
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    Something I wrote up for work.

    The spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) received its name from a combination of physical and behavioral characteristics. Fisherman gave the name dogfish to these sharks because they travel in dog-like packs from hundreds to thousands, segregated by size and sex. The spiny dogfish is believed to be the world’s most abundant and well known shark and is the predominant shark species in Alaska. These sharks occur worldwide in temperate and sub-arctic waters of the North Atlantic and the North Pacific. These sharks appear to prefer water that is 43-47 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be found from the surface down to 3000 ft. The spiny dogfish has the longest gestation period of any vertebrate, about 22-24 months after a winter mating. This is longer than elephants or whales. The eggs develop inside the female and the young are born head first. Litters range between 2-11 pups and are between 8-12 inches at birth. Males mature at around 11 years of age and females mature in 18-21 years. The average lifespan for spiny dogfish is 30 years, but they can live up to 100 years. The spiny dogfish is a voracious, opportunistic predator, that feeds on whatever prey is abundant. Their principal food appears to be herring, sandlance, smelt, mackerel, flatfish, squid, octopus, crabs and various other fish and invertebrates. Spiny dogfish are long distance travelers. One spiny dogfish was tagged and released from Washington State and was recaptured 5,000 miles away off the coast of Japan.General description: The spiny dogfish has two dorsal fins, no anal fin, and white spots along its back. These spots fade with age and disappear entirely in some adults. As their name suggests, spiny dogfish have sharp, venomous spines in front of each dorsal fin. Both sexes are countershaded with dark gray above and white below. The maximum length of males is 39 inches and females can reach 49 inches in length. These sharks are popular food items on the international market. If you order “fish and chips” in Europe, you will probably be eating spiny dogfish.
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