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Thread: Ladys out fish men, again

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    Default Ladys out fish men, again

    Girl landed the bigger halibut today, after landing most of the kings yesterday!
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    Looks like rough seas.

    A woman won the Golden North Salmon Derby in J-town last weekend. Her hubby is a hell of a fisherman too . . .

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    My wife & I have been to Alaska 5 out of the last 6 years. About the only time my wife fishes is in Alaska or the occasional trip to the local pond. I always catch a greater number of fish than she does, but she ALWAYS catches the biggest. One year I caught a nice 44# king- what does she do 50#. Another year my halibut weight 35#, hers 40#. This past year she decided to up the ante ALOT!!! My halibut 40#, HERS 160#!!!! She is my good luck charm though. And as long as she catches bigger ones, I will continue to take her because I get more joy out of someone else (wife, boys, local kids, etc) having fun.


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