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Thread: What could this fish have been?

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    Default What could this fish have been?

    I was staying at the state cabin back in Halibut Cove last weekend and saw what appeared to be a small humpback whale surfacing in the cove occasionally. It was maybe the size of a dolphin but the dorsal fin was just a smaller version of a humpback. We saw no other sign of any other whales in the area. Would this have been a humpback calf back here all by itself, of was it something else? Wish I would've gotten a picture, but didn't have my camera on me.

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    harbor porpoise.
    lots of them in the lagoon this time of year.
    and just for the record... they are NOT fish.
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    Thanks, homerdave. I have only been reading these forums for a few months but bet my friend that when I posted it on here that you would know.


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