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Thread: Valdez Report 11-15 Aug 2011

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    Default Valdez Report 11-15 Aug 2011

    Alcanron and I met up with Big Cox and AKnook this last week for self guided trips out of Valdez. We arrived with the weather in low 70's and We had 3 full days fishing outside the narrows in vrious locations. Here is the rap up of the fishing:

    Day1: Went to Rocky Point and Galeana Bay. Action was slow in the morning with only a few rock fish jigging near pinnicales and transition/shelf locations. We trolled for salmon and hooked a couple. Things picked up in the afternoon when we found a huge pod of silvers. We basically anchored and started mooching hering, the action was intense and non-stop for about an hour. We managed coho salmon for the boat. The fish of the day was a chrome king salmon, approx 20 lbs. No halibut but lots of salmon. A little windy coming home, but one more was caught trolling in around mineral creek. 90 lbs of silver salmon and a doughnut on Halibut. We also caught a limit of rock fish for the boat.

    Day 2: Weather even better, with flat water. Went out to basically cover the same water which we did the day before. Fishing was mostly spent bottom looking for halibut. Changed the focus to trolling and a salmon bite by lunch time. We caught rock fish and salmon, however the harvest was less than half of what the first day was. Did manage a couple tiny flat fish. Alcanron finds out his neighbor caught a couple triple digit halibut, the largest going 293 halibut, yea and NO derby ticket....too bad.

    Day 3: Fog and rain came in, but the water was flatter than days 1 or 2. Going out farther now looking for halibut and we go off to two moon bay. We manage 1 dinker halibut, and a couple of rock fish. moved around a little but the wind kicked us back in the bay. managed 1 more dinker halibut for the day and that was it. Almost a bust, but alcanron brought in a silver. 1 silver closed us out. Except Big Cox caught an awesome starfish...LOL

    I will be posting a video report soon!

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    Thanks for the report. Should be good to excellent inside for silvers by the weekend.

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