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Thread: Be there soon...and thanks.

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    Default Be there soon...and thanks.

    Getting the last few things packed for the trip. Just wanted to say thanks for all the responses to my questions, the pm's and to the dude that sent me all those beads. I hope I've learned enough to catch something...I'm all Southern, which means I've yet to meet a stranger, so if you see me out on the water, come on over. If you don't want to be friendly, then at least yell at me if you see me doing something stupid. Be on water from Talkeetna down to Homer, Anchorage to Copper Center and down to Valdez. Hope I can put up some good reports as I have access to wifi. Debated...and decided to show my face...sorry it's not a better picture with a bigger fish but I don't make many pictures these days. Thanks again.
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    Have a good trip man. Nice to see someone appreciative of the input folks give here. Often folks ask for info and never come back. I think I can speak for many here in saying it is nice to see someone that values the input and opinions offered. I know I gained a ton from my time spent here, especially early on when I didn't know shet. Very different fishing in Alaska compared to the Carolinas. Hope you catch a bunch and look forward to seeing some pics of you holding a rainbow, dolly, etc... You are in for a treat irregardless of how the fishing turns out.

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