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    Morning folks,

    My girlfriend and I are flying to AK for a two week trip on Thursday and heading to Wrangell/St. Elias first. I'm an avid flyfisherman (she's a novice) and looking for some info that anyone may have on fishing that area this time of year. I know it's pretty late for sockeyes but wondering if people have targeted coho's in the copper river or its tributaries.

    I took my father and brother on a trip to the Kenai/ Russian confluence in August two years ago and people from this forum gave me a ton of info which made our trip a huge success, so very much appreciated and thanks!!

    We will be making our way to the kenai/russian confluence on this trip probably next Tuesday to try our luck with coho's and trout there since sockeyes will be closed, so any info in that area would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Nate.

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    Talking Copper

    The copper River does not receive a run of cohos. Most salmon fishing in that area will be for sockeyes which are still running there in either the Klutina or gulkana tributaries of the copper but not near as numerous as the russian run. Coho could be caught from the several shore locations down in Valdez as well as pinks. This coho run is terminal in Valdez and they typicaly do not run up the rivers so they can be caught from the shore of the saltwater. Many of the pinks will be toward the end of their run but could be fun for a beginning fly fisher from the shore on Allison Point with the chance of cohos increasing there throughout your trip. There are a number of small lakes and stream that offer grayling and rainbows along the richardson as well.
    Hope this helps,


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