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Thread: you know what I noticed?

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    Default you know what I noticed?

    That folks are fickle on here. You ask the forum members when guns they use for hunting, and you'll got 50 answers of "oh I use a 338 for bears and a 300 win mag for moose and a 22 250 for coyote and a 243 for deer and a 22 mag for bunnys using 90 bucks a box bullets BlaBlaBla" but when a person asks (like say in the "handloading" forums "Do cup and core bullets not work anymore?') People reply with, "Oh I just use the ol model 70 30-06, have for years, its dropped every animal with one shot shooting junky bullets) or "the ol 270 that grandaddy gave me, I use 150 grainers for coyotes to moose"

    Whats up with that? do you use the Hi quality stuff or the "ol -06 that you bought outta high school" do you REALLY use cheap bullets? or what?

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    I think every body knows what I use too. HeHe
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    Never could get a grasp on that myself, lol, If it fires out of the barrel without blowing up the gun, it's deadly and something is going to die, ( or at least get badly hurt.)

    I'm sure that there are times when you want to shoot only one brand of a bullet threw a new riffle, but I use old guns and hey if it says 30-06 on the brass and I'm shooting a 30-06 it goes in the chamber.

    I will say this, that an automatic is finiky about what round it fires. ( high powered guns)

    To each his own.

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    I believe it depends how much T.V. hunting shows folks watch in this more modern time. When T.V. first came out and a hunting program came on there was little doubt what was used or what the gun was even though it wasn't mentioned. Just think of poor Sayak or KingFisher that just got a picture in charcoal of stick or stone.
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    I have a small stable of hunting rifles.
    A Ruger bolt .223 for varmints/furbearers. I shoot the cheapest 55gr ammo I can find.
    A newer Marlin 1895CG in 45.70 that I have yet to hunt with. So far I've been shooting the 405gr core-lokt.
    My primary hunting rifle is my M70 in 30.06. Initially, I shot 10 boxes of different factory loads in the 165gr to 180gr range. It seems to like the fed Prem 165gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claws the best so that's what I shoot.
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    Default A Mix

    I always swore I would never own a 30-06 (everyone else did) - then I found a Browning A Bolt on my first moose float trip. Not only that, it was left-handed.My Found Rifle.jpgRifle Today.jpg

    Sometime after that, I had a 375 Weatherby build by my buddy. Federal Fusion is what I shoot out of the 06 (150 grain) and BarnesX out of the 375 (300 grain). Both new although when I hunt blacktails (like in my avatar) I always keep sone 180 grain Nosler Partitions handy.

    I agree with Rock_Skipper who said "if it comes out the barrel, it is deadly to something".
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    Default Found 30.06

    I wonder what came fo the guy that left that rifle behind? Oughta have the serial number traced and see if you could locate him. If he is still around, he'd probably be really surprised to know you had that gun.

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    "Cheap" ? Nope "Old Staples of the Shooting World"? Why of course use them all the time. When I go out in the woods, my purpose is to kill something, not to enhance my abilities to pontificate on a net hunting forum over how (Super bullet/Barneys/4Lb.rifle X BS)= abilities to stop a charging T-Rex while hunting 150 pound Deer on Kodiak. I would never be able to sell a Magazine either, so this is just 2 cents of worthless opinion. :O) now back to the shooting forum.


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