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Thread: Maintenance and trail kit

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    Default Maintenance and trail kit

    I recently bought two yamaha grizzlies one an 07 700 with 540 miles the other an 03 660 with 1345 miles. Just wondering what I should do maintenance wise to them? Also what should I bring for a day out on the trail or a multiple day trip? Tools, equipment, etc.

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    Check grease, oil, filters (oil and air), and brake pads and take them for an easy test ride to make sure all is in good order.

    For trail kit, we carry:
    - tire patch kit (extra plugs)
    - small $8 air compressor from WalMart for pumping up tires
    - tire slime
    - wrench/allen wrench/screw driver sets
    - spare cotter pins (lost one once, had crown nut come off and front right suspension fell off)
    - spare quart of oil
    - electrical tape and duct tape
    - rope, parachute cord, bungee cords
    - survival gear
    - lighter/matches/flint/etc.
    - first aid kit
    - space blanket
    - knifes and saw
    - spare dry clothes, hats, gloves, wool socks, plus...
    - GPS
    - PLB

    When my wife and I go out we have essential survival gear on both machines. I generally carry more of the tools with me and she carries more survival gear with her. If we got separated, we both have first aid and survival essentials...she would just be a little more comfortable than I would be.

    Enjoy your new toys...


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