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Thread: Anchor River silvers?

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    Default Anchor River silvers?

    Any reports out there for the Anchor?&nbsp; Hitting it on this Sat for 5 days ; look like #'s are low are this point. Any info on Starski creek,&nbsp; never fished there before but want to give it a try.&nbsp; Ninilichix or Deep creek info is appreciated as always.<BR><BR>

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    My only advice is that if history holds true any time in the next 5-6 days there ought to be some good fishing, sounds like you ought to be there just in time. Remember the wier count on the Anchor is a bit upstream and by the time you see those numbers the fish are gone. There could be 100's of fish in the lower river right waiting for you to catch.

    Good luck, river fishing in Deep Creek is one of my passions and unfortunately this year I will probably not get to do it.
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