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Thread: Freezer Care (spoiled meat smell)

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    Default Freezer Care (spoiled meat smell)

    A buddy dropped off some moose bones yesterday for my dog and without thinking I threw them into my standup freezer. Turns out the bones had been kept outside in a plastic bag since friday. Was getting over a cold and didn't really smell anything yesterday. Today however is a completely different story the freezer right now is pretty much unusable until the smell gets out of it. The bones have since been taken to the dump but the smell remains. Any good tips or tricks to get the smell out? I put baking soda in a dish, charcoal in a box top and coffee grounds in the pie pan to alleviate the smell but will most likely be unplugging and scrubbing the freezer tomorrow. I was thinking diluted bleach or diluted ammonia. Anything else?

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    put as much newspaper as you have into it. that will absorb some of the smell much like the charcoal does. if you can leave that in there a little longer than just overnight that will romove more of the smell.
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    50/50 bleach and water in a spray bottle. I have had three freezers lose power and meat went bad. Last time had 3/4 of a buffaloe in it, smelled nasty. Spray bleach solution in, let soak and then rinse out. The other option is leave open unpluged in the sun and it will "sun bleach" smell out.. in week or two.


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    Also, get a big box of baking soda--cut off the top and place in freezer--will help absorb alot.

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    I was thinking diluted bleach or diluted ammonia.
    Obviously don't mix the two! Bleach is for killing germs, if it's just for the smell then no need to use it. Baking soda (or activated charcoal) works better than disinfectants for the smell, once you've scrubbed out residue and bacteria.

    The main thing is to use enough baking soda, you'll probably need to use more than a pound (but won't need more than two pounds). Both baking soda and charcoal absorb odors in proportion to volume, so if you use too little it won't "grab" and bind all of the smell molecules. Spreading it out in a dish or pan to increase surface area instead of leaving it in the box will speed things up.

    Scrubbing with baking soda paste is also a good idea. And bright sunlight is a wonderful idea. Good luck!

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    Hey... where do ya'll get that bright sunlight stuff at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOAT View Post
    Hey... where do ya'll get that bright sunlight stuff at?
    Yep, just because it's "a wonderful idea" doesn't actually make it available!
    Uh, you could hang a UV light in the freezer but it might buckle the plastic.


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