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Thread: Trailer; replace with BIGGER wheels/hubs/axles...

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    Red face Trailer; replace with BIGGER wheels/hubs/axles...

    I've come to the conclusion that my trailer is plenty big for my boat, but the 14inch wheels, 5nut hub, double axle under it is not. It's a "Magnum" brand trailer, galvanized 6 inch C-channel, with bunks, made in Bellingham. I am constantly replacing broken, cracked, or destroyed hubs and bearings. I am on a second set of tires, they wear out very fast and always look like they are low on air. I occasionally discover a bad bearing or cracked hub/drum because the nut cap is gone and grease is all over the rim. The fenders are fantastic, it actually kept the wheel from flying down the highway one day as the hub/drum exploded!

    I know Trailer Craft very well, get lots of parts from them, haven't called them and talked to them about this yet, as they seemed "uninformational" years ago when I dropped it off to have yet another major overhaul done to it. "Uninformational" meaning; I didn't think to ask about getting a larger set-up of wheels and such, and they didn't mention it either. I do plan to get them informed and see what they think.

    You guys think this is a good direction to go? The boats a Sea Sport and the fish caught on it are usually gigantic weighing it down immensely when hauling it up the ramp!

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    Absolutely! I have a Trophy 2359 and my trailer has 16 inch tires on 6 lug rims, and there are still times when I wish I had a beefier trailer (frost heaves and the general poor condition of the roads). I've seen my same boat on 3 axle trailers which is probably more than what's needed, but more is better than less in this case.

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    I got wimpy 14's on mine too. Most trailer tires are only in the C rating. 15's or 16's would get you into the E series ratings. Good luck with the conversion.

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    I upgraded my 3500lb to a 7k Dexter torx flex. The smallest tire I could find E rate was 225/75/15. The ez-lube hubs are great. The axle was cheap compared to the new rims and tires. Six robblees treated me great.


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