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Thread: Howa Ranchland Compact review

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    Not selling anything.

    If anyone wants to read my review of the Howa Ranchland Compact rifle, here is a link.
    I also have info on the new Howa trigger systems and detachable magazine options.


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    Not too impressed with that particular Howa rifle. Being a 308 carbine labeled "compact" the thing weighs more than a Ruger Compact Magnum rifle with the same length barrel which is a bit bizarre. That Howa weighs over 7lbs and is about equal weight to my CZ 9.3 carbine rifle which has a longer action. I don't remember Howa rifles having such a high MSRP either and think that for the price, you could find a lighter rifle more in line with what a 308 sized carbine should weigh.

    Browning makes an A-bolt that's about 6.4lbs for a decent price:

    Savage makes one that's right at 5.5 lbs for a good price under the specialty series:

    Ruger makes a 308 winchester carbine and even with open sights (the Howa has none) it's a bit lighter:

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    I like the Howa compact package! Better yet is the Weatherby Vanguard Carbine. They are pretty much the same gun other than the Weatherby stock feels better....helps the balance and the two Weatherby short barreled guns that I messed with had better triggers than the Howas.

    A recent newer medical procedure that has not been approved by my insurance provider has caused me to once again reduce my gun inventory. I kept my lever actions, a half a dozen handguns, my varmint guns and a certain 338-06. Today I sold my all weather model 70 in 308(for a goodly sum or it would have stayed). That leaves me with a void to fill between my 243 and 338-06. I'm thinking it will be the Weatherby Carbine in 7mm-08. Bud's Gun Shop has them right now for $381.

    Just so no ones goes to feelin sorry for me. I still have enough guns so as to be perplexed as to which one to take and which one to leave home.....I just had more than I could justify under the circumstances.

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    To each their own. I like the Howa's accuracy, but agree that their are lighter rifles in the class. I'm looking forward to trying their new Accuator trigger system.

    I think the next test rifle I'm getting from Howa is going to be a .375 Ruger.

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    Thanks for the write up Sigler. Although I don't own a Howa, I do have a Vanguard that I have been very pleased with for the money. I found it to be very accurate out of the box. My only complaint is the trigger (I have a Timney on the way). Hopefully this Accuater trigger is the answer.


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